Just like humans, pets can suffer from a variety of dermatology issues. Fortunately, just like humans, it’s often possible to treat these issues. By doing so, you can significantly improve your pet’s overall well-being. If your pet is suffering skin and fur problems, such as skin infections, reach out to a veterinarian near you on our team. If you happen to live in or near Buellton, CA, contact us at Buellton Veterinary Clinic. A pet dermatologist on our team can help with pet allergies and various other issues.


Pet Allergies and Skin Problems

When humans suffer allergies, the most common symptoms are often red, itchy eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose. Pets can experience these symptoms as well. However, with pet allergies, skin and fur issues may also appear. This can prove true even if the allergy is due to food, pollen, or whatever else.

As a pet owner, keep a close eye on your cat or dog. If you notice skin and fur issues, it may be smart to seek out the advice of a pet dermatologist. Pet allergies often start as minor nuisances, but if left untreated, they can become serious problems that will affect your companion’s quality of life.

If skin issues are being caused by allergies, it's a good idea to try to identify the allergen (meaning, the substance that triggers an allergic event). You may end up having to change food, floor cleaners, shampoos, or whatever else if your pet is allergic to help limit his exposure.

Other Pet Skin Issues

Allergies are only one of the many problems that can cause skin and fur issues. Many different diseases can impact an animal’s skin and fur. Parasites, including fleas and ticks, are common culprits, as can chemicals that your pet can be exposed to.

When it comes to skincare, prevention is the best course of action. That said, even if you’re diligent, your pet may suffer from various pet allergies and skin problems. Since pets can’t fully communicate with us, it’s useful for owners to watch for warning signs. If something crops up, like skin infections, it may be a good idea to seek out a veterinarian near you.

Get Pet Dermatologist Care from a Veterinarian Near You for Skin Infections and Pet Allergies

If you're looking for a vet and live in the vicinity of Buellton, CA, reach out to our team at Buellton Veterinary Clinic. We'd be happy to provide assistance. Call us at (805) 688-2334 for pet dermatologist care from a veterinarian near you for skin infections and pet allergies.


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