At Buellton Veterinary Clinic located in Buellton, CA, we offer an array of pet care services for your pet to ensure he is happy and healthy. One of our services is in the area of pain management. We are proud to offer treatments that can help your pet find relief and return to his normal self.


Pet Pain Management

Pain is that very unpleasant sensory feeling that everyone experiences at one time or another. We can simply take a pain reliever, grab an ice pack, or call the doctor. For our pets, however, dealing with pain is not that easy. Unfortunately, they can't fend for themselves. To make matters worse, many pets revert to their basic instincts of hiding and withdrawing when in pain. This instinct is to keep predators from targeting them so it's up to us to recognize the symptoms of pain in our pets. A few may include:

•             Howling, whimpering, moaning

•             Abnormal aggression

•             Becoming withdrawn or hiding

•             Increased licking of a particular area

•             Decreased appetite

•             Swelling or redness

•             Limping

•             Panting

When you notice any of these symptoms, your vet should be contacted, so they can evaluate, diagnose and treat your pet with a variety of pain management options.

Reasons for Pain in Pets

There are several reasons why pets may experience pain, some are quite apparent, like a bite or post-surgical recovery. Others like infection, illness, and skin allergies may require more careful investigation and testing.

What Types of Methods Are Available for Pain Management and Control?

Depending on the cause and severity of your pet's pain, there are different options available to manage and control it. Here are two:

Medication - the most common form of treatment given to control mild to moderate pain in pets. It can be given in chewable tablets or injections.

Surgery - in certain cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to control your pets' pain. For example, a broken bone must be set or a badly decayed tooth must be extracted.

Get Pet Pain Management and Pet Care from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

If you're in the Buellton, CA, area and need an animal hospital to help with managing pain in your pet, give our team at Buellton Veterinary Clinic a call. Our staff is here to help and answer questions. Call us at (805) 688-2334 for pet pain management and pet care from a veterinarian near you at our animal hospital.

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