Wellness and Vaccination Programs

We at is Buellton Veterinary Clinic in Buellton, CA, are here to help keep your pet healthy and happy. From scheduling a pet vaccination to a pet wellness checkup, our team's goal is to support your pet's health through our many services. We firmly believe in providing preventative pet care at every visit to help ensure your pet has access to treatments and programs he needs.


Our Services

We understand that your pet’s needs can vary so we offer a number of different services to help meet your pet’s pet care needs. Some of the services we can provide include:

•             Medical and surgical services.

•             Dermatology

•             Allergies

•             Dental care

•             Cardiology

•             Spaying and neutering

•             Radiology

•             Dermatology

Wellness and Vaccination Programs

If you've just added a pet friend to your family, or you have pets that have been part of your family for a while, staying up-to-date with their preventative care is important. One of the ways we can help is by recommending you follow a wellness and vaccination program. This begins with a pet wellness checkup, which is the first step in providing preventative pet care.

Scheduling a wellness exam with our clinic allows a veterinarian on our veterinary team to assess your pet's overall health, detect potential issues, and recommend any medication or treatments, if necessary. We may also administer a pet vaccination, check for parasites, do a dental check, and answer any questions you may have about behavior issues or proper nutrition.

Benefits of Wellness Programs

Bringing your pet to our clinic for ongoing medical care is beneficial to your pet in more ways than one. Repeated visits to our clinic allow our team to establish a relationship with you and your pet so that we more easily assess your pet’s health and check the progression of any disease.

During a wellness visit, a vet on our veterinary team can compare your pet's behavior, attitude, and general health to previous visits and make note of any changes. If we notice anything concerning, we can then put a treatment plan together.

Get a Pet Vaccination, Preventative Pet Care, and a Pet Wellness Checkup from a Veterinarian Near You

Put your pet on the right track to good health by establishing a workable wellness program with our veterinary team at Buellton Veterinary Clinic in Buellton, CA. With our list of services, we can provide your pet with the care and attention necessary for good health. Call us at (805) 688-2334 for a pet vaccination, preventative pet care, and a pet wellness checkup from a veterinarian near you.

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