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  • Microchipping your pet
    According to statistics, one in every 3 pets become lost at some point in theirlife time. That alone is probably a great reason to have a Microchip put intoyour pet. Read more
  • Should Your Pet Go Under The Needle?
    Acupuncture is becoming more and more popular in the treatment of both humans and animals. The technique has been in use in veterinary practice in China for thousands of years. Read more
  • Does My Pet Need Health Insurance?
    Pet insurance, much like our own health insurance can be both confusing and useful at the same time. There are many questions that a pet owner needs to answer when Read more
  • Do I Really Need to Brush My Dog's Teeth?
                                       Do I Really Need to Brush My Dog's Teeth? When I was in veterinary Read more
  • Safety during the holidays
    The holiday season offers great opportunities for celebrating with loved ones,and for many families, that includes their dogs and cats. However, holiday foods,guests and decorations can pose health risks for Read more
  • Signs of Pain in Animals
    Over the years, I’ve had many people tell me that their pet is limping, but does not seem to be in any pain. I completely understand why someone might not Read more
  • Dental
    Imagine what would happen to your mouth if you never brushed your teeth. On second thought don’t... it’s not a pretty picture! And yet, very few of our pets ever experience Read more
  • Parasites
    We are fortunate in our part of the country. Our sunny, mostly dry weather reduces the incidence of harmful parasites. We don’t have nearly the problems that people in humid areas such Read more
    Our pets are more than pets to us. They are our family, our best friends and our joy. They deserve the best care possible. Love of animals and dedication to Read more
  • Dangerous Landscape
    A hidden danger may be lurking in your landscaping. The Sago Palm (generaCycads Macrozamia, and Zamia) is a common ornamental plant that grows in tropical and subtropical environments such as Hawaii and the Read more
  • Marijuana Toxicity
    We are seeing something new when it comes to pet poisoning. Well, actually,marijuana toxicity isn’t new, but we are seeing it more commonly as it becomes increasingly legal and its use becomes Read more
    The good news is that many pets, like their human counterparts, are living longer and healthier lives than in years past. The bad news is that many of the difficulties of aging Read more